Juicing vs Blending (Which Is Better) Advantages and Disadvantages

Juicing is healthy if you suffer from any disease like chronic sickness, etc. In that case, juicing is very important for you. Because when you ingest the juice, you get many calories in a minimal amount and are very easy to digest. However, our body consumes all the adequate nutrients from juice quickly. Juicing is better for unhealthy people unless it maintains the human body and keeps it fresh. Meanwhile, for the majority of people blending is essential. Because in blending, you can recapitulate the whole vegetable and its fiber content. This is the difference between juicing and blending. Now we will discuss it briefly.

What is the difference between juicing and blending (Overview)

There is much puzzlement about juicing and blending; many people do not know the difference. Some people, while juicing, believe that they are juicing, but in reality, they are blending. So after reading this article, you will know the difference between juicing and blending. While juicing, the device extracts the juice and separates the pulp; however, this fluid contains water only. While in blending, there are no particles left behind. The machine crushes the whole fruit and makes juice.

juicing and blending

Advantages of Juicing:

Juicing is a vital diet and makes the body fresh and active. There are many health benefits of juicing, and it is a fundamental diet. Yes, juicing is a game-changer. Moreover, the world health organization recommends five servings a day. So if you consume only one juice, especially green juice, you’d be upping your intake every day. Thanks to juice, juicing allow your body to take million of vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients. There are thousands of benefits of juicing, and some are discussed here. 

Pros of Juicing

Some Benefits of Juicing:


Juicing is an integral part, and if you like to acquire a higher and greater level of health, you have to start juicing. In simple words juicing is the foundation of a healthy body.

Weight loss:

There are many queries about whether juicing helps in losing weight? So the simple answer is yes. With juicing, you can quickly lose weight. You start juicing, and after a few days, you realize the evolution in your body. But it would be best if you also had an authentic recipe for juicing. Otherwise, it may raise your weight.  

Protect against disease:

Our body demands powerful nutrients. Juice is the most influential thing for your body. Juice makes your body fresh, and with the help of powerful nutrients and vitamins, it increases energy in the body. It is pretty challenging to eat whole fruit and vegetable, but on the other hand, if you make juice, then it is so easy to digest millions of powerful nutrients in your body easily.

Is it possible to make juice without a juicer?

Juicer is necessary for making juices?. So the big answer is no. You can easily make juice without a juicer, whereas having the best juicer for your home is a good technique. With the help of a juicer, you can easily make juice within a few minutes, but if you are doing the same task manually, it may render difficulty. 

Disadvantages of Juicing:

dangerious effects of juicing

Are there disadvantages of juicing?. Well, there are no cons to juicing. Juicing is healthy and makes a body ideal. There are all the benefits of juicing. But some specialties you didn’t know about juicing are discussed here. I observed that in some cases, juicing trains to be a sugar burner, not a fat burner. Juices present in the market contain a lot of sugar in it.

When you juice any fruit and vegetable, you can be stripping some emphatic minerals and enzymes like superfoods for your body and not getting those nutrients. We are not feeding the healthy bacteria. 

These are some disadvantages of juicing; otherwise, juicing is very healthy for your body and makes a body perfect. 

Advantages of blending:

benefits of blending

As discussed above, the advantages of juicing, but some people ask why you juice instead of blend? So, In my opinion, and experience, both juicing and blending are best. You can get a large number of nutrients while juicing or blending. Yes, while blending, you can easily and quickly make juice of any fruit and vegetable. It preserves your time and effort, and if you are juicing with slow masticating juicers, it will take some time.

Are some nutrients lost while blending? 

Yes, some vitamins and powerful nutrients are lost if you are blending because most blenders are high-speed, and while processing, these blenders produce some heat in the juice and destroy some minerals. 

Top benefits of blending:

  • Easy to clean
  • No waste
  • More stable blood sugar
  • Superfoods (Blending is an excellent way to add superfood to your diet)
  • Healthy fats

Disadvantages of Blending:

drawback of Blending

In my opinion, blending is better than juicing. There is no dangerous and severe side effect of blending. But much fiber may cause some problems like gas, Indigestion, etc. Taking too much-blended juice may spike your sugar level. To keep the sugar level, sustain use no more than two servings daily. 

Ease of Digestion:

Whether you are juicing or blending there is very easy to digest many nutrients. So in this article, we have briefly discussed the pros and cons of both juicing and blending. Both are good for your body, but these are some advantages and disadvantages that I have mentioned above. 


My experience says that our body requires nutrients. If we want a healthy body and maintain our digestive system, drinking juice from different fruits and vegetables is imperative. When we drink juice, our body gets many powerful minerals that are essential.

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