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So generally love to drink smoothies after snacks or when I do not feel well because our body mandates nutrients, and only one scrumptious glass of smoothies can preserve our body’s nutrients. Today, I share my experience and guidance on how to make smoothies thicker?. This article will deeply explain what to do and add to your smoothies if your smoothies are dull. 

So how to thicker smoothies?

It happened to all of us, and according to my understanding, it resulted in too many liquids in smoothies or using the wrong blender, for example, when you use dull blades blender. So If you have an old blender, invest in your blender and update it. And the third possibility is starting with room temperature ingredients. Here is the list of best blenders especially designed for making smoothies.

Pro Tip:

If you have no investment and want to get premium results with your old blender version, then put some ice cubes in your blender and start crushing these ice cubes. These ice cubes will automatically sharpen dull blades. 

I monitored that sometimes even using a premium blender and all the right ingredients, we still get the thin, runny smoothies unfailingly. So what to do in this case?

These are some suggestions if you are not getting thicker smoothies.

  • When you decide to make smoothies, prep all the fruits and veggies into the zip bag, place the zip bag in your freezer, and freeze them. Frozen fruits help make your smoothies thicker but cold a lot longer in your glass. In short, use frozen fruits if you are constructing smoothies.
  • This is the clever hack that makes your smoothies runny. Use a scoop of raw oat in your smoothie. I use this hack with almost all my smoothies.
  • Add some fiber to your smoothies, and if you are using any blender that I have mentioned, then no worry about any funny texture because the blender takes care of it.
  • Chia seeds are most important if you want to make thicker smoothies because these tiny seeds soak maximum liquid from smoothies in a matter of minutes.

If you wonder that you are using too many thick things in your smoothies like puddings, jellies, desserts, and smoothies, then you can go wrong because you will use my hack in this condition. I usually add a tablespoon per smoothie.

how to thicker smoothies

How to Make a Smoothie Less Sweet?

When you feel like you require a rest or push button, you have to drink straightforward green smoothies (without sugar) that are full of nutritious. These green smoothies without sugar are super easy to make, and you need a handful ingredients. 

  • Protein powder
  • Natural nut butter and seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Greens
  • Baby spinach or baby kale
  • Power greens mix
  • Vanilla almond milk

Add a tablespoon of these ingredients to your blender jar and blend it thoroughly. Vanilla almond milk gives the smoothie creaminess and stevia steeds used to sweeten smoothies.

How to make a smoothie without bits?

Making smoothies without bits is an effortless task. It will take a few minutes, and your smoothie is ready without bits.

Follow these instructions

  • Use water and lend leafy green
  • Move around the jar and add more water until all the leaves thoroughly blend up. When all the greens convert into likable (liquefy) smoothies, you are done.

How to make smoothies sweeter:

Add naturally sweet fruits if you want to make your smoothie sweeter without sugar. For example, use watermelon, dates, wild blueberries, etc. In the place of water. Then blend it for 20 to 40 seconds your naturally sweeten smoothie is ready. Make sure that you use a small number of sweetened fruits because a little enhance goes a long way. 

how to make smoothies sweet


Making the smoothie thicker is one of the main questions I have seen many times, so I started exploring it. Smoothies contain thousands of minerals and nourishing vitamins vital for the body. If you face any issue in thicker your smoothie, these tips that I have mentioned in this article will help you a lot. These tips are working for me and undoubtedly will also help you.

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