Celery Juice Recipes and 10 Best Benefits

When my friend told me that all the grocery stores were out of celery, I had to check it myself. It turns out everyone’s drinking their fill! What? Why do people want so much organic food when they never seem like anything else will satisfy them anymore.

So I tried different celery juice recipes, and now everyone’s talking about it. Health podcasts love this stuff! Celery Juice was all over my social media feed until well of course you had to try it too right? So we are drinking these green drinks that tell us our metabolism is bad or something because who likes having extra weight around their waistline anyways?”

So I just finished week three of drinking 16 ounces (2 cups) of organic celery juice first thing in the morning and wanted to share my experience with you. It’s not something that will work for everyone, but it might be worth trying out!


Some juicers that are available in the market are not enough good for aking celery juicers and recipes. Because these juicers produce heat while processing so if you want the best juicer that does multiple tasks then you can read this article that contains top-rated juicers.


Yes, celery stalks and leaves contain antioxidants that may help treat inflammation. The most important benefit comes from apigenin or luteolin which reduce the immune response in our body by 40%.

10 Best benefits of Celery Juice

Powerful Vitamins In Celery Juice:

Powerful Vitamins In Celery Juice:

  • The healing power of celery juice is both amazing and easy to understand. This one ingredient can do so much for your body, but most importantly, it’s delicious. By restoring hydrochloric acid in the stomach with its natural levels high enough again, you’ll find yourself feeling more energetic than ever before as food breaks down faster after eating protein or other tough substances like nuts (or even chocolate).

Powerful  Anti-Oxidant In Celery Juice:

Powerful Anti-Oxidant In Celery Juice:

  • Celery juice is a powerful anti-oxidant and cancer fighter. Celeriac contains apigenin, which has been shown to kill cells in test tubes by decreasing their viability while simultaneously boosting immunity with Polyacetylenes that protect against mutation damage over time, all this helps slow the growth of mutated forms.
celery protect your body against cancer

Celery Juice Lowers Cholesterol Level:

Celery Juice Lowers Cholesterol Level:

  • Celery juice is known to help lower cholesterol. It contains a compound called 3-nbutylphthalide that has been reported as having lipid-lowering action, reducing the bad LDL in our bloodstream and making us healthier.

Celery Juice Maintain Your Blood-Pressure Level:

Celery Juice Maintain Your Blood-Pressure Level:

  • Celery is a food that can help you if your blood pressure seems too high. It works by acting as an anti-inflammatory, relaxing muscles in the body and allowing calcium to flow more easily throughout cells which ultimately helps reduce high pressures caused from inflammation or tension on its own!

Juice pulp is also important. If you are a juice lover and want to know how to use juice leftover pulp? Then there are many ways to utilize juice pulp.

Celery Fight Against Anxiety And Depression:

  • The natural anti-inflammatory properties of celery juice can soothe your body and mind. Polyacetylene in this drink reduces chronic joint pain, gout or arthritis to relieve you from all these ailments without side effects.
Celery recipes fight against anxiety and depression

Protect Liver Against Various Diseases:

  • The juice from the celery plant has been used for centuries to improve liver function and reduce fat build-up. The nutrients in this simple but healthy-looking bulb can really help your body get rid of toxins by producing more enzymes that flush them out.

Important Note:

Some juicers are not able to make celery juice. So having the best juicer that makes celery juice efficiently is also important if you want to enjoy healthy juice.

Fight With Stomach Diseases And Improve Digesion:

  • Celery juice recipes are great for anyone looking to get their digestion going. The increased circulation in the intestines can help with constipation, bloating and puffiness as well water retention caused by irregularity of bowel movements or any other issue that causes you discomfort when passing stool.

Maintain Body Glucose Level:

Destroy Various Body Diseases:

  • The best way to keep your body in good health is by eating a healthy, alkaline diet. One of the most important aspects for achieving this goal is vegetables like celery that offer an extremely high level of nutrient density and few calories.

Celery Substances Protects Your  Skin:

  • Celery juice is not only tasty, but it’s also nutritious and full of vitamins. The luteolin found in celeries protects your skin from UV rays while also preventing damage at the cellular level! Some people use this plant for healing their Psoriasis or Acne conditions because they say that after drinking its nutrients through drinks like cocktails solely on foods rich with anti-inflammatory properties such as green leafy salads etc., their symptoms have resolved. So use different celery juice recipes if you want to glow your skin.



Celery is a very popular vegetable with many health benefits. You can also make celery juice without a juicer. If you can’t find organic celeriac, make sure to wash non-organic stocks well before using it in recipes or just drinking on its own

A tip we have at work says that if someone wants the best possible results they should drink some fresh peeled raw stalk right when getting up (with no other beverages). This will give them an energy boost while also flushing toxins out through your kidneys which could cause problems otherwise.

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