Celery Juice Recipes and 10 Best Benefits

celery juice recipes

When my friend told me that all the grocery stores were out of celery, I had to check it myself. It turns out everyone’s drinking their fill! What? Why do people want so much organic food when they never seem like anything else will satisfy them anymore. So I tried different celery juice recipes, and … Read more

How To Get Juice From Lemon Without Juicer?

how to juice a lemon without a juicer

If you know how to juice lemons without a juicer, then it’s time for your next summer party! There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of lemonade or cocktail on a hot day. And with this easy technique using only one tool—the kitchen knife (or even regular knives if need be)! Here are five … Read more

How To Make Ice Cream With Blender?

How to make ice cream with a blender

Whether you’re scooping it onto a cone or into your own bowl, all that is required for this recipe are some simple ingredients and an appliance. Keep reading to find out how to make ice cream in a blender! How to make ice cream Using blender? The easiest way to make delicious, creamy ice cream … Read more

How To Make Smoothies Thicker | realkitchenclub

Make Smoothie Thick easily

So generally love to drink smoothies after snacks or when I do not feel well because our body mandates nutrients, and only one scrumptious glass of smoothies can preserve our body’s nutrients. Today, I share my experience and guidance on how to make smoothies thicker?. This article will deeply explain what to do and add … Read more

Benefits of Green Smoothies (Fruits and Vegetables) Detox Your Body

Green Smoothies benefits

Green smoothies are a nutrient-rich blend that mandates the body to do daily jobs. So, in short, smoothies are loaded with nutrients that keep your body restorative and active. We will discuss green smoothies benefits in this article. People make millions of smoothies and get the most benefits out of them. However, smoothies have some … Read more