Best Apple Juicers 2022 (Affordable) Top-Rated On Amazon

There are many advantages of apple juice. Most people purchase apple juice from the market, which is not advantageous for your health. However, the market juice contains 30% only apples and 70% chemicals, sugar, and other stuff that may vandalize your health. So You have to buy the best apple juicer to get 100% pure, clean, and healthy apple juice. I observe that some people wake up early in the morning and go outside from home to get apple juice, and this is the most problematic task to go outside. 

But if you have your juicer, you can make apple juice within a few minutes. Moreover, Apple juice is an excellent source of incredible antioxidants. These antioxidants provide power minerals and play a vital role in making your heart nutritious. So, in short, take only one serving of apple in a day that facilitates your heart to function correctly. There are thousands of other benefits of apple juice. Still, this article contains the best apple juicers that I use, and according to my knowledge, these are the best juicers.

5 Best Apple Juicers



You are in our depth review. According to my lengthy analysis and knowledge, this model is one of the best top-rated these days. You can easily use and control this powerful machine (400W to 600W) with the help of its controllers. These amazing controllers help you to control this device in different situations. Two additional speed gears make it very easy to handle. Moreover, for better output wider feeding chute (65 mm) can adapt many products at once. 

Why do I love this creation?

As I noted above, this is the latest model, and the manufacturer updated it and made it more consequential than its previous models. 

  • The motor of this device is more emphatic, and while performing, this juicer created less than 30db noise, which causes no noise pollution.  
  • This juicer has more sharp stainless steel cutters that squeeze the juice easily and then mash filter extract the liquid in a few moments.
  • The material that is used in fabricating this model is BPA-free. 
  • Juicer automatically handles the overheated and jammed material.

Many customers, including me, give a five-star rating to this machine because this juicer has fantastic and most delinquent qualities. A few months ago, when I purchased this product from Amazon, this model came with beautiful packaging. After testing, I was shocked because of its uncountable, latest, and most intelligent features. 

HERRCHEF is mainly for making apple juice, but as I mentioned above, It has uncountable attributes, so you can add anything in it whatever you want to make juice out of it. Assembling this juicer is pretty simple, and once you put everything in its place, add your fruits to the large feeding chute and start pushing these yields with the help of a food pusher and your fresh, healthy, and nutrients rich juice is ready. 

  • Two-speed settings
  • Cheap
  • Portable and does a good job
  • Juice stainer is a little bit harder to clean
  • gravida sociis erat ante eleifend
  • Not suitable for squeezing celery

Hamilton Beach Juicer reviews:

Hamilton Beach Juicer reviews:

This model is conceived to make juices like apples, carrots, and things like that. Yet, this latest and trending model has an 800W motor and a simple on and off switch, which means this device is effortless to operate. The powerful motor revolves any dese and hard fruit or vegetable into liquid in a few moments. Three inches larger feeding chute allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting their pieces smoothly. It will enable you to continue juicing and save valuable time and effort. 

Somehow, You can get this model in two colors, white and black. All its parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. With the help of a cleaning brush, you can easily clean the filter. Stainless steel strainer is very difficult to clean, so a cleaning brush also comes. Moreover, the pulp bin is extensive enough, so you do not have to empty it too much while juicing. I highly suggest you clean the juicer instantly after juicing.

I monitored that this model is similar to a high-end fast juicer available in the market. The only weakness is the short (24 hours) juice shelf life and not being heavy-duty. 

Here are a few tips that help you a lot if you are using this juicer or want to use it in feature:

  • Before juicing, place the plastic bag into the pulp collector, and after juicing, pull the bag out and discard your pulp. 
  • After juicing, immediately put the strainer under running water or in boil water and start removing slight pulp residue from the filter with the help of the brush that comes with it. 
  • Long 3 years of warranty
  • External pup ejection system
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  • Fast
  • Noisey
  • Sort juice shelf life

Hamilton Beach HealthSmart Juicer reviews:

Hamilton Beach HealthSmart Juicer reviews:

This is the most reasonable model of Hurom, which is assembled except motor with plastic, but this latest model does not come with a pulp container, which means you have to use your container. Meanwhile, any ordinary glass can do this task skillfully. Its powerful 400W motor can quickly press hard, soft, and citrus fruits. But the downside of this juicer is that it is not good enough for leafy greens. However, it comes in three colors black, white and grey. But its feeding chute (2 inches) is smaller than its earlier representatives. 

This compact, inexpensive and fast kitchen gadget still preserves you much valuable time. This user-friendly juicer has an external pulp ejection system that helps you continually juice if you want to make more juice. It permits only 24 hours juice shelf life. In addition, the plastic of this juicer isn’t BPA-free small amount of bisphenol A is located in plastic that causes several illnesses. When we consider the juice quality, there is not much difference between this model and other fast juicers available in the market. 

What kind of product can you juice with it?

Hamilton beach health smart juicer is doing a great job juicing citrus fruits and vegetables. Moreover, my knowledge says that this juicer is not designed for making juice like leafy greens. Sadly, I can’t get enough yield when I try to make leafy greens juice. 

Hard produce: Cucumber, best for making apple juice, watermelon, garlic, pear, potato, great fruits, pears, etc. 

Citrus fruits include: Oranges, Lemons, limes, etc. 

  • Good juice quality
  • Dishwasher safe
  • External pulp ejection
  • Three years of warranty
  • Not BPA-free plastic
  • High noise level
  • Not for leafy greens
  • Smaller feeding chute compared to the other fast juicers

Picberm Juicer Extractor:

Picberm Juicer Extractor:

If you want to enjoy an efficient juicing experience, this latest model with all the trending characteristics is for you. I love this company because they supply free replacement parts to you during the warranty. However, this juicer has a large feeding chute that saves you much valuable time, and its sharp knives extract the last drop of juice from the product. Moreover, this model comes with two years of warranty. Long-life technical support or customer services differentiate it from the other juicers. 

After purchasing this helpful machine, if you face any issue, you need to reach their team on Amazon, and they will answer you within 24 hours. Simple, easy to clean, this fast model gives you any type of juice within a few minutes. Somehow, It comes with a brush to clean the filter. According to some consumers, all the fruits and vegetables with tough skin should be peeled. But if you want to juice apples, you need to remove the apple core. Put the apple in the feeding chute and push it with a food pusher. Within a few seconds, the machine makes delicious and nutrient full juice. 

  • Large feeding chute
  • High power of 800W
  • Lifetime technical and customer support
  • Two years of warranty
  • Free replacement in case of any damage within warranty
  • Not for making celery juice
  • Excretes lot more pulp while juicing carrot

SQUEEZE master: Best Manual Apple Juice Extractor

SQUEEZE master: Best Manual Apple Juice Extractor

Squeeze master is one of the top-rated sellers on Amazon, and their average rating is about 4.5. Many customers are well satisfied with them. Moreover, they only sell their own branded products on Amazon like squeeze master fruit, apple, wine classic crusher, etc. This crusher that they introduced on amazon is made with high-quality stainless steel and is a very long-lasting model. This latest crusher can hold up to 3LB of apple at once. This crusher is for you if you want a manual squeezer for making apple juice. 

According to my experience, all the electric juicers build a little bit of heat while juicing, but these manual juicers are best for making apple juices, etc. This latest crusher contains excellent gear that crusher quickly fruits and any dense fabric such as carrot, peal, etc. Moreover, this crusher can crush and squeeze juice from any fruit, whether hard or soft. In short, this manual crusher is one of the best juicers that I have ever seen before. 

While testing this machine, I observed that this juicer could squeeze a little more juice from apples within a few seconds. One crucial thing is that after buying this juicer, make sure that all the screws used inside the hooper are tightly fit and placed correctly; these screws are tiny, and if they get out from their place, then it might be difficult to replace. 

  • Manual and easy to operate
  • Can crush any dense fruit and vegetable
  • Compact
  • Top rated on Amazon and is very cheap
  • Some screws are not tightly fitted. First of all, place all the screws in their place and then start juicing.

Things that you should consider if you want best apple juicer:

Some people need the Best apple juicer, but they do not know about purchasing juicers. So If you want to make apple juice, buy a juicer that includes the following qualities. According to my knowledge, these qualities are present only in a high-quality juicer. If you purchase any other juicer with no these qualities, you may face difficulty in making juice. In short, Such a juicer that contains the following characteristics is the best. 

  • Feeding chute size
  • Motor power 
  • Juice quality
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA-free content
  • Warranty

Feeding Chute:

I know that you do have not enough time to prep the apples before constructing juice. So buy such a juicer that has a larger feeding chute. However, a Larger feeding chute is not only safe your time and effort but, When you put the whole apple in the juicer, the tiny particles of the apples do not get stuck into the blades. The big mouth permits you to make whole fruits and vegetable juice without slicing them into smaller pieces. 

Motor Power:

If you want high-quality juice, the motor power of the juicer is mandatory. A robust motor authorizes you to make high-quality juice within a few minutes. The manufacturer mainly emphasizes the RPM (Revolution Per Minutes) in the juice extractor in centrifugal juicers. Some factories use low-quality motors in their juicers, so that type of juicer is not good in making juices, and the motor of these juicers is stopped working after a few months of use. But all the juicers that are detailed in this article are tested and contain high-quality motors in them. 

Juice Quality:

Some of our buyers say that high-speed juicers are not good at making juices because these juicers are functioning at high speed, and while processing, these juicers create heat and spoil the vital nutrients of juice. But this is not trustworthy. Yes, fast juicers have the lowest heat while working, but such minute heat does not spoil or damage the juice nutrients, and fast juicers also preserve the juice quality. 


There are many cheap juicers present in the market, and sadly all these juicers fail in maintaining the juice quality, and that juice may damage your health. Luckily, fast, slow, ninja, and celery juicers are inexpensive and stable. So if you want a juicer that travels along with you, invest a little bit in your juicer because branded juicers make nutrient-rich juice that makes your body robust. Moreover, these juicers build tons of heat while working and break all the powerful nutrients of juice. So my experience says that it is worth spending more on your juicer.

Easy to clean:

If you want the best apple juicer or upgrade your previous juicer, then buy such a juicer that contains less accessories and is easy to clean because some juicers have too many supplements, so these juices are a little bit more challenging to clean. On the other hand, your juicer is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Left in the juicer filter or inside the juicer, you can easily remove it without too much effort. If you are a juice lover and drink juice daily, you know that after juicing some fruit fiber, seeds, etc. 

BPA-free content:

Your juicer must simulate with BPA-free content because if your juicer contains plastic or other material that is not BPA-free, then there are some possibilities that you may face health issues. Because such plastic is not suitable for health. So if your juicer is BPA-free, then you are licky


Warranty helps you a lot in case of any damage or issue with your juicer. However, your juicer stops working during the warranty due to any technical reason; you contact their support; they will help you. In case of any deterioration, they will replace the part without additional costs. So if your juicer contains a warranty, then you start juicing without any hesitance.


Apple juice makes your body nutrient-rich if you are juicing at home. Moreover, the apple juice present in the market is not suitable for health because such juice contains only 30% apples, and the other 70% material is filled with chemicals and sugar. So invest some amount in your juicer, purchase the best apple juicer and start juicing at home instead of buying from the market. Buy any best apple juicer and enjoy juicing at home.

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