8 Ways To Use Leftover Juice Pulp (Juice Pulp Recipes) Things To Make With It.

Juicing is one of the intelligent ways to get nutrients. If you are a juice lover, then you understand sufficiently. Juicing requires an investment of time, so you need to get the most advantage out of it. Some people feel guilty when they waste all the Pulp. But after reading this article you will be able to know about juice pulp recipes. However, Most of our clients want to know about the other creative options of juice pulp recipes. 

After reading this article, you will quickly know about the creative use of Pulp. So we have discussed the seven most simple and easy juice pulp recipes in this article. All these recipes are super easy to use, moist, and delicious. 

Creative Ways To Use Juice Pulp (Recepies).

Ice Cubes:

convert pulp into Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are one of the most effective ways of using Pulp. Convert the Pulp into small Ice cubes. 

If you like to consume water, add some Ice cubes into the water. Pulp Ice cubes contain fiber that makes you more assertive

Dog Treat:

make dog treat with juice pulp

You can make dog food using the juice pulp. You require some oats, a comparable juice, some organic eggs, and juice pulp. Mix it thoroughly, and the healthy dog food is ready. Try this simple recipe for your dog. Your dog will undoubtedly like this food and also want it. You can also make this for your customer and spoil your friend by making homemade dog food.

Before making dog food, make sure that all the ingredients you are using in your recipe are safe for your dogs. Onion, apple seeds, and grapes seeds are poisonous for dogs. So be careful if you are using any of this food in your recipe.

Veggie Burger and Fritters: Delicious Way To Make Juice Pulp Recepie

use pulp in veggie burgers and fritters

You can also make veggies, burgers, and fritters with Pulp. Moreover, Pulp is used to make the shape of a burger. Add Pulp to homemade recipes like burgers and fritters; use Celery, Carrot, Greens, and Cucumber Pulp with some flavour for better taste. Moreover, The Pulp also add some fiber nutrients to your homemade meal. 


convert pulp into smoothies

You can also add the juice pulp to your smoothies. Pulp can give you nutrients and fiber, as I mentioned above. Moreover, after using Pulp in your juice, you will enjoy the scrumptious taste. When I like to make a thick smoothie, I use Pulp because it helps thicken the smoothie quickly. Many juicers are specially designed to make smoothies.

Breakfast: Best Way To Use Juice Pulp

make breakfast with juice pulp

You use the Pulp while making your breakfast. If you’re looking to make scrambled eggs, potatoes, or fritters, then add some pulp to your recipe and make a mouthwatering breakfast in a few minutes. 


make tea with juice pulp

Add the Pulp to a cup of tea. The teacup contains all the poly chemicals. However, add some flower varieties, cardamom, or vanilla to the recipe if you want more taste. Before adding the Pulp to the tea, you first need to dehydrate the Pulp. 


use pulp in making broth

Here is the quick and easy way of using Pulp. Throw all the Pulp in a container with some salts to make vegetable broth. Add some flavours, chicken, or beef in your broth to make it tastier. 

Turn into crackers:

turn pulp into crackers

Crackers are the perfect use of Pulp. According to many customers, Pulp crackers contain thousands of nutrients, and if you are not feeling well, you can use pulp crackers. It makes your immune system strong. Toss them in the dehydrator to make perfect pulp crackers. 


Many people around the globe drink juice every morning to maintain their health. But most of them threw the Pulp because they thought this was the waste material. In reality, Pulp contains many phytonutrients that make the body stronger. So, these are the easy methods that help you in making juice pulp recipes.

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