7 Best Ninja Blenders and Food Processors (Newest Models for Smoothies)

We know that there are many blenders, but some can make only smoothies, and some are specifically able to make shakes if you want such a blender that does your multiple tasks at once. Like make shakes, crush ice, make smoothies, and will help you make some daily kitchen recipes with auto IQ system. Then you are in the relevant articles. We have tested many brands, but the ninja is one of the top and latest brand with almost all the specifications and listed the 7 best ninja blenders below.

So ninja has many models, but we have listed the 7 best ninja blenders that are cheap and simple to use. If you want to buy a ninja juicer for your home or your daily kitchen tasks, then the ninja blender has almost all the specifications that allow you to do all juicing activities without making so much effort. 

Top Pick 1

 Ninja SS401 Foodie Power Blender

Ninja SS401 Foodie Power Blender



  • Never Stall Again
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Enhances Foof Processing
  • 7 Programs
  • Smoothie Blending

Top Pick 2

 Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System



  • Professional Performance
  • Handle All of Your Drinks
  • Complete Kitchen System
  • Powerful Crushing
  • 4-Versatile Functions

7 Best Ninja Blenders

Professional Blender: Newest Ninja Blender

Professional Blender: Newest Ninja Blender

This blender is very cheap and top-rated on Amazon when you consider the quality of the Juice. There are many Ninja blenders in the market, but these blenders allow you to juice only soft fruits and vegetables. But this one is different because you will blend every kind of food in this blender. The edge of this blender is that it has a flat and wipe-clean base that does not allow any single particle of dust to come inside.

Its pitcher is vast, about 72 ounces (2 liters) which is enough space if you have a large family. When we compare this blender with others, we notice the foremost thing is Warranty. Most blenders come with a long-lasting warranty, but this one comes with only one year of Warranty, so you need to compromise a little bit in its Warranty. When we compare this Ninja model with its previous models, the main thing that we observed is that its earlier models have only 3-speed settings.

  • Does not make noise
  • Blades are super sharp
  • Large capacity container
  • Cheap
  • Short warranty
  • The glass pitcher crack when it fell down

This model has multiple speed settings that allow you to crush and blend every kind of complex fruit and even ice.  When we consider its price, it’s a powerful blender, and if you want a blender that helps you in making smoothies and daily kitchen recipes, then this blender is precisely for you.  

Mega Kitchen System: Ninja Foodie Processor

Mega Kitchen System: Ninja Foodie Processor

This is the Ninja complete kitchen system and has a classic design with budget-friendly. Most customers want multi-functional blenders that help them do multiple tasks, so this Mega kitchen system does almost all the kitchen tasks. You can use this mega system for making smoothies, shakes, crushing ice, and much more. The design of this blender is very amiable so that you can place all its parts on the countertop without any hesitation. 

It is effortless and straightforward and only has six buttons that allow you to do multiple tasks. The first three buttons help you control speed, plus and power switch, and a long-serving mode. If you are making some dough, then extra blades that also come with it help you. If you want more about each separate thing, then you will read the recipes book that guides you in-depth on how to use a blender. 

  • 4.3 out of 5 rating
  • 6-stacked blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Countertop type
  • Bulky
  • Not good for making sauces
  • Not spray the ingredients

The replacement pitcher has a larger capacity, so you will make eight servings of smoothies at once without repeating the same process repeatedly. Pro blads seem a little bit small, but they crush every hard thing within seconds. If you want to grind, chop, and stuff like that, then an extra food processor kit also comes with it to do these tasks.

(BN401) Nutri Pro: Ninja blender for Smoothie

(BN401) Nutri Pro: Ninja blender for Smoothie

The name shows that this model has an auto IQ feature, which means it has one-touch intelligence. There are two auto IQ programmers built in this model: crush and smoothie. You should be able to crush and liquefy whole fruit and vegetables with only one press. This blender comes with the 1100 Watt peak power. You can put any ingredients in the cup. Just press the button, and you go away.

We have compared this blender with its previous models like BL445 and BL456; we find that this latest model has more power, and the auto IQ feature also differentiates it from other blenders. All its previous models come with 800 Watt, but it comes with peak power. All its parts are BPA-free, and the blades are very sharp that crushes ice and any complex product quickly.

  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Auto IQ system
  • Powerful Motor
  • Fast
  • Short 1-warranty
  • Noisy

With the help of this model, you can make any smoothie and shakes without losing their nutrients and powerful vitamins. The Ninja (BN401) Nutri Pro makes sure that everything in the cup blends completely within sixty seconds and automatically stops working. The downside of this blender is that you need to screw off the blender and take it off from its base when you start corresponding and adding some ingredients. 

(BN701) Professional Personal: Latest Ninja Blender

(BN701) Professional Personal: Latest Ninja Blender

This is a pretty powerful blender, and the aesthetic part of this blender is how it looks. If you have a small kitchen and want a compact blender that does multiple tasks, this may be for you. It has three automatic programs and four manual programs. The three present programs allow you to make smoothies and crush hard products like ice, nuts, and frozen fruits.

Seventy-two ounces of the large capacity of the pitcher also comes with it that can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid that are enough for making large batches for the whole family, and six multiple blade settings which are pretty nice. The base also has a suction, and with the help, the blender holds the surface while working as we observe that this blender is better than any other blender that we tested. 

  • 1400 Watt motor
  • Easy to use
  • Small
  • Smart
  • Create a little bit of noise
  • The pitcher is made of plastic

It blends a little bit and then stops and then again blends a little bit and then again stops; this is because the Auto IQ system this blender has a brain. This blender has three tires of blades that are up and down. That’s why we love this blender. Its removable parts are easy to assemble, and the motor is powerful enough. 

Bl660 Countertop: Best Ninja Recipe Blender

Bl660 Countertop: Best Ninja Recepie Blender

This model may be a little more pricey, but you will get tons of accessories with it. If you buy a similar blender like Vitamix, they will cost you thrice as much. This blender is very simple, but if you are new to this brand, you need to pay more attention to its locking mechanism. Its locking mechanism is a little tricky, and design is such a way for safety reasons.

The main thing that we love is an ice-crushing pitcher. It’s ideal for making smoothies, milkshakes, etc., and this is a perfect all-in-one kitchen system. The pitcher contains labels that help you if you want to add a certain amount of ingredients. Furthermore, for you, basic kitchen processing needs an extra food processor that also comes with it. Some customers say that the result can’t be perfect.

  • 72 oz total crushing pitcher
  • Single-serve cups
  • Precision processor bowl
  • Powerful
  • Short term warranty
  • Loud
  • Too tall and can’t make hot soup

You will get the little chunky smoothies when you end your blending. It may not fit on some countertop space because it’s too tall, and when you use this blender for the first time, you may face some difficulty. 3-speed level and five different walk-away blending programs are fantastic and help you a lot, and a built-in timer is present in this latest model. 

SS401 Foodie Power Blender: Ninja Compact Kitchen system

SS401 Foodie Power Blender: Ninja Compact Kitchen system

This is the most versatile blender and makes thick blends due to its anti-stall technology. The blend quality of this model is way better than its previous models. This is the best blending machine and the latest model of Ninja. Its budget is midrange and comes with a sleek and minimal list design and has automatic presets, and is very easy to control.

A reversible slicing disc is one of the most loving features. 1600-Watt peak power motor crushes any hard and liquid product easily like nuts, seeds, and ice, etc. It was new in the market that gives you a high-quality juice, and a recipe book also comes with it, including more than 20 recipes that inspire you. This blender includes everything that you need in one kitchen system. 

  • Variable speed control
  • 7 programs
  • Hybrid edge blades
  • Dense motor
  • Need extra attention while cleaning
  • A large size pitcher is not good for a thick blend

This is an excellent addition to your kitchen. Its primary purpose is a blender, but it also performs other tasks due to many other accessories. As of our observation, the multi-blades is one of the most advantages of this product. It comes with all accessories, and the built quality is excellent. So if you want an updated model of your blender that allows you to do everything, then this is for you. 

400-Watt Blender (QB900B): Best Ninja Personal Blender

400-Watt Blender (QB900B): Best Ninja Personal Blender

This is a small, compact, clean, and efficient blender. The size of this blender looks very sharp, which is not a good thing, and I love this even though it has a drawback. It comes with three pitchers that are made with plastic. If you want to make smoothies and juice from frozen fruits, the tall pitcher is perfect for doing those tasks. The drawback of this blender that we notice is its manual settings. 

But the main thing is that the blender is working so fast it takes a few seconds to finish his work. In the past few years, we have tested so many different juicers brands and observed that the Ninja is doing better than the others. The sharp blades of this blender chop every hard and soft product within a few seconds. 

  • Strong enough to blend
  • Easy to store
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Very noiseless
  • One manual setting
  • Pitcher seals are not very efficient
  • Food particles get stuck between seals

The major disadvantage that we observe is that it has only one manual speed setting and the pitcher seals are not good while testing some of the food particles stuck into the seals, so removing those particles seems pretty hard. But all its parts are BPA-free, and it can help you chop smoothies, frozen drinks, and much more. All the containers are microwave safe, and storage lids help you keep the preparation safe. 

Comparison Table

Image Name Item Weight Dimensions L*W*H Price
Ninja-professional-blender-4 Professional Blender: Newest Ninja Blender 18.7 Pounds 6.75 x 9 x 17.5 inches

Check Price
Mega Kitchen System: Ninja Foodie Processor 17.2 Pounds 17 x 11.7 x 17.5 inches

Check Price
(BN401) Nutri Pro: Ninja blender for Smoothie 6.28 Pounds

6.34 x 6.93 x 14.29 inches

Check Price
(BN701) Professional Personal: Latest Ninja Blender 18 Pounds 6.75 x 9 x 17.5 inches

Check Price
Bl660 Countertop: Best Ninja Recipe Blender 13 Pounds 8 x 6 x 17 inches

Check Price
SS401 Foodie Power Blender: Ninja Compact Kitchen system 1 Kilogram
8.19 x 8.43 x 14.17 inches

Check Price
400-Watt Blender (QB900B): Best Ninja Personal Blender 9 Pounds 11 x 12.25 x 7 inches

Check Price


There are many different ninja blenders, but the best ninja juicing blenders are Ninja personal blender, Ninja foodie power blender, and Ninja Nutri pro.

Yes, you can make any juice with the help of a ninja blender, and the cleaning process takes a little more time after making juice with a ninja, but a ninja blender is so easy to clean. 

The best ninja kitchen system is:

  • Ninja BL780 supra kitchen system
  • Ninja SS351 foodie power blender
  • Ninja Intelli-Sense kitchen system power blender
  • Ninja BL492 Auto-IQ compact blending system 
  • Ninja smart screen kitchen system (CT672A)

What are the specifications of a ninja blender?

We know that many other blenders in the market are doing the same job. But still, after juicing with the help of these blenders, you need to compromise on the juice quality because all the blenders are available in the market are not suitable to maintain the juice quality. Ninja blenders come with a variety of specifications that are listed below.

  • Super powerful motors
  • Durable blades
  • Variable speed settings
  • Sleek and compact design
Super powerful motors:
Super powerful motors:

Almost all the ninja blenders come with the high power that crushes every hard and soft fruit easily, and the working capacity of ninja motors is more than the omega and other brands. When you blend hard fruits in omega juicers, they may be damaged and not perform well because their motor is not powerful enough to handle a little more burden. If you want high power motor that blends more efficiently than a ninja is one of the best in this category

Durable blades:
Durable blades:

Ninja provides a good quality of blades in every model. These blades are made with very sharp stainless steel and make thick smoothies within a few seconds. However, The durability of these blades is matchless. Many companies try their best to compete with the ninja brand but unfortunately, they fail to achieve this task. 

Variable speed settings:
Variable speed settings:

Ninja blenders have variable speed settings such as high speed, low speed, etc. High-speed settings for hard fruits and low-speed settings for soft fruits. So whatever you want to juice, the ninja blender is for you, and its sharp blades help you give high-quality juice in no time.

Sleek and compact design:
Sleek and compact design:

Ninja blenders have a compact design that everyone loves. In addition, Other blenders seem very bulky, but this is not you will surely love Ninja blender. You will face little difficulty if you use ninja blenders for the first time because of the design, but you will enjoy your juicing experience with ninja later on. 

Buying Guide

What to look for in the ninja blender?

  • Accessories
  • Cleaning
  • Temper

If you want to buy the best ninja juicer, choose that model that comes with all the accessories that are used in daily kitchen recipes.


Choose that ninja model that is simple to clean and easy to use; otherwise, it is pretty hard to clean that kind of juicer that is very difficult to clean.


Some models come with the temper while some are not. But if you want to make smoothies with your ninja juicer. Temper must be included in your ninja juicer. 


Ninja is one of the top-rated brand on Amazon and comes with many accessories. However, If you want an all-in-one kitchen system, you should buy a ninja blender. You can make soup, crush ice, juice celery, and much more with the help of ninja blenders. We have noticed that ninja blenders have many latest features like IQ that help you do such multiple tasks.

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